Examination system and standard of passing
Examination system and standard of passing:
  • Examination Pattern (THEORY)
  • Paper No. Subject Marks
    Paper – I Fire Protection 50 Marks
    Paper – II Fire Extinguition 50 Marks
    Paper – III Fire Science 50 Marks
    Paper – IV General Subject of Fire 50 Marks
  • Practical and Viva
  • Subject Marks
    Practical Attachment Practical Attachment Journal 50 Marks
    Fire Drill (Viva-I) Hose & Hose Fitting, Pump & Primer,
    Hydrant Drill, Hose Drill, Fire Tender Drill,
    Extinguisher operation, Branch
    operation, Presentation & Squad drill
    50 Marks
    Fire Equipment Foam Compound, Foam Equipment, B.A. Set & rescue
    drill, Practical
    50 Marks
    (Viva-II) Fireman ship, Small gears, Ladder drill, Pump operation,
    Water relay, Presentation & squad drill.
    Fire Miscellaneous (Viva-III) Rope Line & Knots, Fixed Fire fighting Installation (Viva-III)
    operation, Water Room/Control Room, Salvage & Rescue operation,
    Protective Clothing & Equipment, Smoke Chamber Drill,
    Self Rescue, Mock & Technical Exercise, Presentation & Squad drill.
    50 Marks