Demonstrations/Visits and Project work


Practical demonstrations are arranged at Infections Diseases Hospital, Tuberculosis Hospital, S.T.D. Clinics, Maternity Homes, Schools, Leprosy Hospitals, Family Planning Centers, Water purification Plants, Government Dairy, Slaughter Houses, Markets, Refuse Disposal Sites, etc. Demonstrations and Visits to such Institutions of Public Health in Urban & Rural areas are arranged to make the students understand the various diseases. Field visits to Public Health Department, Pest Control Department and Solid Waste Management Department are also arranged to make the students understand various activities carried out by these departments.

Project work

To understand the concept of Health development & Primary Health care, Students are given a project assignment in urban and rural areas. This will include-

  1. Conducting a “Base Line Survey” of the community and
  2. Adoption of a family. The instructions in practical training are given by qualified and experienced staff of Primary Health Centres.